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Our Tree Services

Big trees for sale - TREE TRADEWe offer a wide range of large, high quality, container-grown trees and shrubs for sale to individuals, private contractors and wholesalers.

Choose from our extensive selection of indigenous and exotic large trees in several sizes ranging from from 0.5 and 5 metres in height.

Visit our tree nursery or check our availability list to see what we have in stock.

Delivery Service:

Large tree delivery service from TREE TRADE What does it cost?

It depends on the quantity of trees and on the area we need to deliver to. We normally charge a 10 % delivery fee to clients. If it is only a few trees we will charge a minimum fee. We aim to keep our delivery costs down by combining deliveries wherever possible.

Truck loads will be charged to the client at cost subject to quotation.

We get your trees to you as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Planting Services:

Planting large trees - TREE TRADE Can we plant the trees for you?

Yes we can!

Quite a few of our clients require us to plant their trees for them, so if you need any assistance we will certainly be able to help you with the planting of your trees.

The cost of planting depends on the size of the trees, type of soil and access to the site.

When we plant the trees for our clients we:

  1. Dig the holes
  2. Supply the compost
  3. Supply the fertilizer
  4. Plant and tie down the trees

Please note: we do not usually remove the soil from the planting site,. If you do want us to remove the soil, it should be arranged in advance and there will be an additional charge.
Why Use Tree Trade?
We grow 95% of all our trees from seed and keep only the healthy strong trees.

We make sure our clients receive healthy quality trees when they buy from us.

We offer additional services making it even easier to have good quality and well priced trees added to your property.
Caring For Your Trees
All trees need to be taken care of. The trees need regular watering: preferably you should have irrigation on all your trees for the first few years. You also need to feed them at least once a year and add mulch to the top surface.

We can also supply clients with additional fertilizer every September to make sure your trees get the food they need for spring and summer. Just email us the size of trees you need the fertilizer for and we will work out the cost and post the fertilizer to you.

Some trees are also prone to certain diseases. We will discuss this with you and give you advice on treatment and chemicals to use.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. If you notice any problems or radical change to the trees after they were planted, we will help you with all your enquiries.